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Events and Appearances 


Join Bubble And Squeak at Ignight Fire Conference. Held May 5-7th, 2017 in Joshua Tree California.  We will teach 2 workshops at the Circus Dojo and lead a bubble parade through the festival. We will also be setting up our interactive LED bubble table creation station. 

May 25-29 Soak! Superstition

Bubbles and Squeak will travel to Soak! Superstition in Oregon.  We will be graciously hosted by the Crystal Ballers.  Look out for Bubbles as the Effigy burns and visit the Crystal Ballers camp late night to experience our interactive LED mirror bubble table. Join us at Dawn on Sunday! 

June- 1-4. Fire Drums 

Join us in California For Fire Drums! 

we will teach one workshop, where we will teach the secret to our bubble solution  recipe!  Take an advanced, Flow arts approach to Bubbles, focusing of footwork and presentation. 

We will have the LED mirror bubble table at the fire circle at night 

join us Sunday at dawn to close down the festival. 


Come and find us in the forest~ we will set up the interactive LED mirror Bubble Table ​at the Art Bar Creation Station. Snuggled in the Forest between the Observatory and Sherwood Court. 

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